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In the intricate tapestry of business, family enterprises are not just monetary assets but heartbeats of tradition, values, and enduring legacy. As new hands prepare to grasp the baton, the looming question is: How do we harmoniously transition while safeguarding our wealth, ethos, and history?

Discover a distinctive HKUST course tailored for family business owners and their family members, covering all these aspects.

Join us for an enlightening session, "The Rising Generation: Preparing Family Businesses for the Future." Gracing the event as our keynote speaker is Professor Winnie Peng, the esteemed Director of the Roger King Center and a celebrated Fellow at the Respada Center of Excellence for Legacy. Her profound insights have sculpted pathways for family businesses to both preserve and innovate through generational shifts.

Our pivotal discussions will revolve around:

  • Safeguarding Family Wealth for prosperity.
  • Upholding time-honored Values amid evolving eras.
  • Crafting an enduring Legacy to inspire generations.

This event is a beacon for family business leaders, successors, and those eager to fathom the nuances of multigenerational enterprises. Embrace this opportunity to intertwine the wisdom of yesteryears with the visions of tomorrow.

Reserve your spot and redefine your family business's future trajectory.


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