Family Offices

Streamline your governance and reporting.

Private equity, real estate & asset protection.

Lawyers & Advisors

Elevate your client engagement.

Built in compliance checks, streamlined workflow and collaboration with stakeholders.

Asset Managers

Lets you focus on relationships and performance

Modernize portfolio management and investor relations.


One platform, everything you need to manage governance, risk, reporting and investor relations.

Cap table & ESOP management

All Asset Classes

Track direct and indirect investments in one place.

Cap table & ESOP management

Risk Management

Comprehensive risk identification and mitigation.

Cap table & ESOP management

Investment Rights

Identify and actively monetize follow-on investment right.

Electronic securities


Data that is 100% encrypted during storage and transport.

Scenario Modeling

Scenario modeling

Severe macro-economic events require preparedness for the worst case scenario.

Fund administration

 On Demand Support

Industry analysts and support team on standby.



Custom reporting for quarterly and annual filing requirements.

Portfolio Dashboard

Entity Planning & Management

Schematic of holding entities and details.

Transactions & Communications

Collaboration & Capital Markets

Bringing all stakeholders together.

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