Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds
06 Jun 2024
GAF, a groundbreaking framework equips allocators and portfolio managers with comprehensive quantitative and qualitative tools to discover and evaluate asset managers across various critical parameters.
Supply Chain, BeNext
15 Jun 2023
BeNext Bentonville, a new development initiative from Respada, has launched a Center of Excellence with the goal of facilitating the making of Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas as the supply chain management capital of the world.
18 Jul 2022
Respada, an invitation-only niche platform providing private market opportunities to the ultra-affluent, hosted an Industry Showcase for Healthcare on July 7, 2022.
14 Jun 2022
Trust in institutions is going down and it is more important now than ever for the nonprofit sector to figure out how to measure impact, and what KPIs can be used to show progress and excite people to get involved in philanthropy in new and fresh ways.
19 May 2022
Education is not just important, it is everything. The rising generation should be prepared to be good citizens, good custodians of family wealth and productive members of society, and that starts with education
Investment, Music
08 Apr 2022
Respada hosted a panel on ‘Investing in Music Assets’ on 31 March, comprising an exclusive delegation of senior executives, from market makers and fintech entrepreneurs to investors from the music industry.
Insurance and Asset
04 Feb 2022
There are few tools today that provide asset protection and tax-free growth the way that
private placement life insurance does
Space Technology
12 Jan 2022
The summit discussed pressing topics at the interplay of borderless connectivity including, the accelerating demand for smart propulsion, miniaturization, imagery and deep learning.
Asset Protection
20 Aug 2021
The conference hosted an expert panel of thought leaders to discuss risk management and resilience-building through an integrated framework for asset protection.
Family Offices
31 May 2021
The summit kickstarted with Olson outlining high-level considerations that family offices need to have in terms of portfolio management.
20 Mar 2021
Effective collaborations are partnerships based on humility and acknowledgement of the expertise of those who are closest to the issue.
Digital Currencies
30 Dec 2020
The summit kickstarted with a discussion on how family offices can include digital assets and cryptocurrencies in their portfolio strategy.
Commercial Real Estate
26 Nov 2020
The summit opened with a discussion about global trends in liquidity, leasing, and lending.
ESG investment
04 Nov 2020
The summit was a virtual confluence of companies and institutional investors who are influencers in ESG - Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, and impact investing.
10 Aug 2020
Public-private partnerships have game-changing potential in accelerating Covid-19 vaccine.
Private Aviation
30 Jul 2020
Panelists highlighted that flying privately ensures Covid avoidance by fulfilling social distancing imperatives.

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