We are a Canadian biotech company that is changing how the world prevents, detects, and treats type 2 diabetes.

Bringing Breakthrough Science to a Global Market

Type 2 diabetes is a global epidemic that affects more than half a billion people. It has been an unsolvable problem because the underlying biology was not fully understood.

Then, Dr. Wayne Lautt discovered a new hormone: hepatalin. This fundamentally changes the way we understand the disease. Instead of viewing type 2 diabetes as 'insulin resistance,' Scimar approaches the problem as a 'lack of hepatalin.'

Scimar's NuPa Renew is a pill, taken before each meal, designed to trigger the production of healthy levels of hepatalin. Hepatalin facilitates the absorption of blood glucose and turns it into muscle, rather than fat. This improved nutrient partitioning effectively makes a person non-diabetic. It also can lead to weight loss and a reduction in their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Clinical trials are underway. Once they are complete, these products will be ready to disrupt the $22 billion USD global insulin market.

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